Well this was an exciting first! I got a phone call a few weeks ago from Chase. I’d never met Chase before, but when he told me he was Brooke’s boyfriend and that he wanted to talk to me about secretly photographing his proposal to her, I was all in. I’ve known Brooke for a little while now through some mutual friends, and I was super excited for them. Chase knew he wanted to propose in the park, so we met the week before to scout out where and how he wanted to arrange things. So this past Thursday, he and Brooke planned a dinner date in downtown and decided to come through the park on the way to their reservation. :) I got to the park early and after kicking a seemingly nice couple off of a bench swing (sorry if you happen to be reading this – it was worth it! :) ), I claimed my spot – until it started raining! Well, luckily the rain only lasted for about 10-15 minutes and actually worked in our favor because the few people down by the river decided to leave! Empty park! So while walking by the river on their way, Chase detoured them slightly from the sidewalk and pulled out a note that he read to Brooke and the fun began…

I love the shock on her face in the above shot.

The next shot is when Chase told Brooke I was there and to look over where I was sitting, and also at which point I couldn’t stop laughing that we’d pulled everything off. :)





Chase + Brooke – Congratulations to you both, and thanks so much for letting me be part of your night! I’m thrilled for you!


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